Roving Entertainment

Roving Crystal Ball Manipulation

Have Lindsay-Marie wander through your event to meet, greet and entertain your guests while performing crystal ball manipulation. Guests will have a chance to get a closer look of the magic and perhaps even try to learn some new moves themselves.

Roving Crystal Ball Manipulation is done in sets up to 45 minutes. Multiple sets may be booked with options to mix with Roving or Ambient Contortion. These are not choreographed routines and do not come with music. Costume can be customized to your event.

Roving or AmbientContortion

 Roving or Ambient Contortion is like having living art at your event. Lindsay-Marie will perform extreme poses while moving through the crowd or on a podium in the room to create atmosphere.

Roving or Ambient Contortion is performed in sets up to fifteen minutes long. This is not a choreographed stage routine and does not include music. Costuming may be customized to the needs of your event. Multiple sets may be booked with options of mixing with Roving Crystal Ball Manipulation.