Who is Lindsay-Marie?

     Originally from Saskatoon, SK, Lindsay-Marie grew up with a natural aptitude for dance and performance. She participated in several school theater productions and was an avid cheerleader as well as wrestler. At the age of 18 she stumbled upon contact juggling (crystal ball manipulation) by accident through a friend. What started as a hobby quickly turned into an obsession over the span of a few months. 

     At the age of 19 Lindsay-Marie began busking with her crystal ball and wasn't long until she was completely enamored with the idea of becoming a full-time entertainer. Knowing she couldn't make it full-time with only her ball, she decided to broaden her skill set by moving to Alberta to learn fire eating and fire dance forms from trained professionals. She also decided to take up the difficult and beautiful art of contortion.

     Most contortionists begin training between the ages of 7-13 so, beginning this journey as a 20 year old woman , Lindsay-Marie took on a seemingly impossible challenge. She traveled to China to train for three months at the Beijing International Acrobatic School and then to Vegas to train under ex Cirque Du Soleil contortionist, Otgo Waller.

     Currently based in Calgary, AB, Lindsay-Marie performs her acts throughout Canada. An avid learner and teacher, she often travels to learn new skills from industry leaders. She also teaches contact juggling lessons in person as well as  through her online tutorials.


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